Founded at ONGHA VILLAGE, and operate from the heart of Windhoek. We are a training consultancy company offering training on personal development, growth, and success.

The Radical Mind-shift Training Institute works continental and global with individuals and organizations seeking to succeed. Here they find programs that are based on years of research and deliberately designed to provoke you to think in order to elevate your thoughts and eventually birth your genius into being by tapping from your God’s given potential and begin to manifest your dreams.

You will get to know who you are and what you are really capable of. We tour guide you into setting up goals, nature them and show you how to achieve them. We teach Prosperity, We Couch, and Mentor People.


Our vision is to transform societies significantly through improved thoughts that give birth to lasting results in people’s lives. Our intention is to play role in a nation’s lives where people understand their full potential and the power of their minds when working in harmony with Universal Laws.


Our Institute’s mission is to instill success paradigms into individuals, organizations, and businesses around the world by programming them with actionable strategies and mental material resources that empower them to improve, grow and thrive in today’s ever-changing world.